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Our Goal is Simple:

Provide Easy Access to Time Tested Investment Strategies and Straight Forward Retirement Planning to help you create your Life By Design!


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About Us

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Our Story

America's Retirement Plan was founded with a simple yet powerful vision – to empower individuals to achieve a worry-free retirement.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to make retirement planning accessible and effective for everyone. We believe that every individual deserves a comfortable and enjoyable retirement.


Meet the Team

At America's Retirement Plan, our team consists of experienced financial advisors, investment specialists, and retirement planning experts.

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How It Works

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Step 1

Design Your Retirement Plan

Use our diverse range of calculators to design your Retirement.

Start with your tax situation & How You Feel about Risk. Knowing this helps you make the right decisions about your planning.  Access your calulators here.

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Step 2

Customize Your Strategy

Where are you on your Retirement Journey?

Pre-Retirement: Use these calculators when you're starting, or in the middle of saving for retirement.

At-Retirement: Use these calculators when you're within a few years of retiring, retiring now, or in retirement.

Access your calculators here

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Step 3

Choose A Favorite Investment Manager Selection

We provide Investment Models based on strategies from some of the Top Investment Managers. If you have a favorite investment provider such as Vanguard, Fidelity, Wisdom Tree or others, you can select that company and we'll allocate it to your goals.

No favorites? No problem! We can design the portfolio to specifically suit your goals.

Learn more here and get started.

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Step 4

Implement Your Plan

Click and Get Started Now and we'll walk you through the process of getting your plan set up. We need some basic infomation to make sure everything is just right. Then we'll set up your account for approval - EZPZ!

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Design Your Own Retirement

Use our Calculators to create the retirement you want!

Are you Self-employed or a Small Business Owner looking for Retirement Solutions and Tax Savings?

The Best Way for the Self Employed to Cut Taxes & Save for Retirement.

  • Save up to $66,000, Tax Deductible for Retirement.
  • Reduce your tax rate substantially
  • Save More for Retirement & Future Security

Through a Simplified Employee Pension IRA (SEP-IRA) or a Solo-401k you can save more for retirement, obtain excellent tax savings and invest the way you want.
These plans are very easy to set up and maintain and give you the flexibility that self-employed business owners want.

The Best Ways for Small Business Owners to Save Taxes, Create Excellent Retirement Benefits for themselves while helping their Employee’s.

  • Save up to $265,000, Tax Deductible for Retirement.*
  • Substantially Reduce your Tax Rate.
  • Save more for Retirement and Your Future Security.
  • Provide an Important and Meaningful benefit for Employees that Improve Moral and employee longevity.

Through the right combination of Small Business Retirement Plans, you can provide excellent retirement benefits for yourself, the business owner, as well as excellent benefits for your employees.
Plans may be highly customizable based on your needs. Choose from 401k, SIMPLE IRA, Profit Sharing and even Small Business Pension Plans.



The Secrets of Business Ower Retirement Wealth: Why Retirement Plans for Business Owners Are a Key to Your Future Financial Security.
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Thanks to America's Retirement Plan, we can confidently say that our retirement is on track and we're confident about our future. Their team provided us with clear guidance and this site helped us navigate through complex financial decisions. We couldn't be happier!

John and Susan


I was unsure about retirement planning until I found America's Retirement Plan. Their expertise and commitment to their clients are exceptional. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a secure retirement.

Robert p.

Why We Started This

At AtlanticMidwest Investment Research, llc, we believe that everyone deserves a comfortable and stress-free retirement. That's why we designed

We have seen many hardworking individuals struggle to plan for their future due to lack of information or guidance.
Our mission is to bridge this gap and empower people to make smart financial decisions, ensuring a fulfilling retirement for all.