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Choose An Investment Manager Model

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Do you have a favorite Investment Company?

Choose from many models from top investment companies such as Fidelity, Vanguard, State Street and more. Or let us handle to Investment Allocation using some of the top names in investment management and diversifying across what we feel is the best selection of performance potential and low fees.


Choose from Allocation Models Such as:

AmericanFunds                                                                      American Century                                                                    Fidelity
Wisdom Tree
Northern Trust
First Trust
Goldman Sachs
J.P. Morgan

Make It Even Easier.

Have Us Design Your Portfolio Using a Diversified  Approach Using Top Names from the Investment  World, Tailored To Your Age Based Goals and Risk Considerations.

If you qualify for Preferred or Private Reserve status, you may also be able to select from our exclusive WealthSentry Asset Management, only available to our AtlanticMidwest Investment Research Private Client Group.


We use Morningstar, IRebal or Interactive Brokers Listings of quality Investment providers models and or utilize our own research of current models and  e-balance, re-calibrate as needed, generally quarterly or semi-annually. We then match your Investment selection to your risk tolerance section and age based goals to place the investment allocation as necessary. If your company is no longer available, we will invest funds according to our proprietary models and notify you.